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V3 Children Aquatic Training (CAT)

Water, children, laughter, growth and development... this is an unbeatable combination. V3 Aquatic Club Children Aquatic Training (V3 CAT) programmes are uniquely designed with the whole child approach to teaching and training children water skills with the integration of water safety awareness throughout all phases.

We believe that children deserve the special handle-with-care treatment, with dignity, understanding and respect.

Instead of brutally moulding children to the rigid ‘standard’ one-size-fit-for-all type of programmes, we created a series of dynamic classes, combining an interactive curriculum with well organized, yet spontaneous lesson plans.

V3 CAT adapts the different level of classes to the current physiological, intellectual and psychological status of the children involved, introducing knowledge and skills based on the children’s capabilities and readiness, and only knowledge and skills that are appropriate, accommodating for individual differences.

By nurturing the needs of each individual child at each phase, we will encourage them to unfold their full potential at their natural pace. Together with the full support of mom and dad, celebrating every small step along the way, we are able to create the best and enjoyable learning environment for them, helping them to generate a lifelong love and respect of the water, as well as a lifelong hunger for learning and exploration, inspiring the child to live their full potential.

V3 Adult Aquatic Training (AAT)

Swimming is:

the essential and basic life saving skill;

• the ideal sport for health, fitness and even rehabilitation; and

• the gateway to a multitude of aquatic activities and exciting lifestyle.

V3 Aquatic Club Adult Aquatic Training (V3 AAT) Programmes are exclusively crafted to meet your personal goals. Some of our popular programmes are:

• V3 AAT Beginner programmes for non and weak swimmers to conquer water phobia and reap the benefits and pleasure of swimming.

• V3 AAT Fitness programmes for individuals with personal health or rehabilitation objectives.

• V3 AAT Strokes Development programmes for swimmers who want to learn, correct, or enhance competitive strokes: Breaststroke, Front Crawl, Backstroke and Butterfly.

• V3 AAT Aquathlete programmes for competent swimmers who want to sharpen their performance for swimming or triathlon competitions.

• V3 AAT Aquanaut programmes for skin and scuba divers to condition their physique, develop efficient finning techniques, and upgrade their vital water skills for the open sea.

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