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V3 Aquatic Rescue Training (ART)

Lifesavers can bridge the gap between an incident being discovered and the arrival of the emergency services. Indeed we can make a crucial difference. Emergencies don't just happen to other people – it could be our family or friends whom we love and care. Once we possess life saving skills, we could put them in practice to save their lives!

V3 Aquatic Club Aquatic Rescue Training (ART) programmes are customised for different target individuals and environment in mind. All programmes are carefully crafted with the mindset of the participants' background, age group, professions and objects.

No two emergency situations are totally alike; therefore the basic principles will be emphasized in V3 ART programmes rather than dogmatically focusing on a standard method of rescue. These basic foundations are essential for self development and growth, and enforce on appropriate application of skills during emergencies.

V3 ART Programmes are exclusively crafted to meet your personal goals. Some of our popular programmes are for:

• Children

• Parents & Caregivers

• Teachers & Coaches

• Condominium Resident and Management

• Hotel and Resort Staff

Upon completion of V3 ART Programme, participants will be capable of:

• Prevention of Accidents – increase the Awareness of Water Safety and gain the ability to Identify Potential Danger areas and activities.

• Personal Survival – establish the basic Knowledge and Skills for Self Rescue in general aquatic emergency.

• Rescue of Others – possess the Confidence and Proper Approach to perform a Rescue as a team when needed.

This significantly Enhance the Safety Margin of Self, and Others.

V3 Aquatic Club Pte Ltd is an Affiliate of the Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS).

V3 Aquatic Club had also served as a member of the Executive Committee of The SLSS.

We conduct training leading towards SLSS Awards and more.

We also support Water Safety programs for organisations and the society.

V3 Aquatic Club / Singapore Life Saving Society affiliate

Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) Lifesaving 123 awards.

Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) Bronze Medallion (BM) awards.

Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) Awards of Merit (AM).

Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) Awards

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Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) Awards

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