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V3 Aquatic Club Pte Ltd Singapore Life Guard Academy (mens sana in corpore sano)

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V3 Aquatic Club Pte Ltd is a water sports club founded in March 1999; specialising in water sports / safety education & recreation. We are operating under the expertise of passionate professionals, with years of wide range of quality experiences, fully accredited & licensed by respective professional governing bodies.

Singapore Life Guard Academy (SLGA) is established in 2007 to supplement the Corporate Training Division under V3 Aquatic Club.

We celebrate our 24th Birthday in 2023!

Our main objectives embrace the principles to promote the art of natation with strong emphasis on water safety, personal survival, aquatic life saving, first aid and life support.

Motto: mens sana in corpore sano

(a healthy mind in a healthy body)

Training and Certification:

We provide:

Swimming training for all level and ages

Water Safety, Lifesaving, Lifeguarding programmes

Scuba Diving, Snorkelling training and expeditions

First Aid, BCLS, CPR, AED, O2 certifications

We give you the convenience of picking up multiple certifications under one roof:

British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC)

Divers Alert Network (DAN World)

• Singapore Life Guard Academy (SLGA)

Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS)

Singapore Swimming Teachers Association (SSTA)

SwimSafer - National Swimming and Water Safety Programme

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